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Roliscon has published a revised edition of the book “Beware the Zombies – How to Manage a Technology Business”. The author is well known investor Roger Lawson. It’s been brought up to date and expanded to 246 pages.

Have you ever been faced by these questions:

  • What makes a good new product?
  • Whether to sell directly or indirectly?
  • How do you avoid channel disputes?
  • What makes a good sales commission package?
  • How to you avoid over-optimistic sales forecasts?
  • How do you create good brand names?
  • How to measure the success of marketing?
  • How to make a success of acquisitions?

If so this book will be helpful. For technology company managers, practical answers to these and many other questions are contained in this book. It teaches you how to be successful in the jungle of business life, and avoid becoming one of the walking dead.

For Investors

For those who invest in early stage technology companies, whether public or private, this book can help you identify whether the management have got the basics right and whether they are on the road to success.

More Information

For more information go here: . For a limited period you can purchase the book at a discount of 25% by quoting coupon “INTRO99” when purchasing.

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