EMIS Group – How Not to Organise an AGM

Today I had cause to send the following note to the Company Secretary of EMIS Group (EMIS):


Dear Ms Benson,

I today received the attached letter that refers to my shareholding in EMIS. Two points:

I have not opted in for web site publication. Please send me a hard copy of the Annual Report and Notice of Meeting, plus preferably a proxy voting form also although I can produce my own one of those if necessary. Please also note that I require hard copies in future.

I note that your letter refers me to the Notice of Meeting on your web site at https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/uk/emis1/rns/regulatory-story.aspx?newsid=1571613&cid=192 . But that does not contain a full Notice of Meeting.

In addition I am very disappointed that you choose to set a date/time of 9.00 am in Leeds for the AGM which would be difficult to make for anyone living in the South of England.

In addition, as an IT company I would expect you would be capable of holding an on-line or hybrid AGM to avoid us travelling at all and risking catching Covid in a physical meeting.

I am most disappointed that you seem unable to get the basics of organizing an AGM right and hope you will organize matters better in future.

Your sincerely, Roger Lawson


Is it not disgraceful that a company makes it so difficult for shareholders to obtain a full Notice of the Meeting and vote our shares, plus makes it difficult for shareholders to attend the meeting!

Roger Lawson (Twitter: https://twitter.com/RogerWLawson  )

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