Lifting the Gloom, But Not at Halfords

I think I have been suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It seems to have been raining and cloudy since before xmas and the stock market did not perk up until the last few days.

Even today one of my holdings, Halfords (HFD) issued a profit warning which caused the share price to drop by 20%. But the losses on that were offset by significant rises in a number of my other holdings including some technology stocks and property REITs.

Is this the end of the bear market? I don’t know but I doubt it. The economic prospects are still poor. However I have cautiously purchased a few small AIM company shares including GB Group (GBG), Eckoh (ECK) and RWS (RWS). These are not share tips but more a strategic move to increase my holdings in smaller companies which now seem good value when I have a large cash balance at present.

What was the problem at Halfords? Softer than expected cycling and tyre markets was one aspect but enthusiasm for cycling is bound to fall in very cold and wet weather. Another problem was difficulty in recruiting skilled labour in Autocentres.

These might both be temporary problems so I am not planning to reduce my holding which was mainly purchased before the recent ramp up in the share price after it was enthusiastically tipped in several publications. That shows the danger of following the crowd.

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