Digital IDs – Do We Need Them?

The Government is consulting on the creation of a centralised digital ID gateway to online public services. The idea is that people will only have to provide the details needed to, for example, renew their passport, once. From then on all the public authorities they deal with will know who they are because the data initially submitted will be visible to all of them.

But there is a very long list of public bodies who will be able to share the data. The long list of public bodies that will have access to personal information can be found at the end of the consultation documents under Annex 4. It includes HM Revenue and Customs, the Land Registry, the Disclosure and Barring Service, the Home Office, departments for Work and Pensions, Justice, Education, Levelling Up, all Councils and the major regional authorities.

Potentially enormous numbers of people will have access to the information which is surely a potential security risk.

This consultation closes on the 1st March so you need to respond quickly if you have an interest in this matter. Click on the link below for more information and to respond.

Government consultation:

Comment: The creation of digital IDs for all UK citizens has many advantages and if properly done might actually improve security. But the proposed legislation appears to enable data sharing much too widely and without adequate protections.

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