Flint Report – A Betrayal?

Sharesoc has published a strongly worded criticism of the Flint Report on Digitisation. Written by Cliff Wright it calls the recommendations a “betrayal” and quite rightly.

It removes very important rights from private shareholders and perpetuates many of the wrongs present in the existing nominee system. To remind you, you need to be recorded as a “Member” on the share register of a company to preserve important legal rights!

Sharesoc’s comments are here: https://www.sharesoc.org/sharesoc-news/flint-interim-report-a-betrayal/

My submission to Sir Douglas Flint containing my mainly negative comments: https://www.roliscon.com/_files/ugd/8ec181_18053a9b5cfa4eb788731a82aafb3a57.pdf

Make sure you support the ShareSoc campaign on this subject.

Roger Lawson (Twitter: https://twitter.com/RogerWLawson  )

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