Hotel Chocolat and Luxury Products

I am writing this while awaiting a phone call from the local hospital to see if they have a bed for me – needed to support a non-critical procedure. They have already cancelled two appointments previously due to lack of a bed which rather shows how the NHS is falling apart and simply does not have enough hospital beds.

To fill in the time I listened to Paul Scott’s latest podcast. He put the boot into Hotel Chocolat (HOTC) and I have to agree with him on it. I avoid all luxury food producers – chocolate, ice cream, wine etc. The words cause investors to salivate and to act irrationally. The word “gold” has a similar impact on some investors. These are “trigger” words that cause a pavlovian response – a subconscious desire to get involved and a sure way to lose money.

I have no opinion on the merits of what Hotel Chocolat sells although Paul said he did not like the taste. But any examination of the past record of the company should be enough to put anyone off investing in it.

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