Patisserie Valerie and Shell Legal Cases

Shareholders in café company Patisserie Valerie were wiped out in 2018 after the accounts were shown to be fictitious and the company collapsed. It has now been announced that a trial date of four people alleged to be involved in the fraud has been set for March 2026. See

Is it not astonishing that it has taken so long to bring the case to court? Compare that with the recent case of FTX/Alameda Research in the USA where Sam Bankman-Fried was prosecuted and found guilty in just a few months. This demonstrates what is wrong with the English legal system for dealing with fraud cases. Justice delayed for years is no justice and is no deterrent to criminal action.  

Another recently reported legal case is that oil company Shell is suing Greenpeace for £1.7 million after “activists” boarded an oil platform that was in transit off the Canary Islands. Shell incurred substantial costs as a result.

Comment: as a Shell shareholder I fully support the company actions. I think more such lawsuits should be pursued against organisations such as Greenpeace and Just Stop Oil who clearly have substantial resources which are financed by the ill-informed and take part in criminal activities in pursuit of their goals.

Roger Lawson (Twitter  )

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