Missing Dividends

I talked about having too much cash in my ISA and SIPP accounts in my last blog post. But in fact it’s not as much as it should be because dividends on my ISA holdings in JPMorgan Japan Smaller Companies Trust (JPS) did not arrive as expected. They should have been paid on the 7th November, and were on my direct holding on the register, but not on my ISA ones. The ISA ones are held in two different ISA accounts with different companies and neither platform seems to be able to explain why they have not arrived. They suggest it’s not their fault but we will see in due course no doubt. Is this another complication of the use of “pooled” nominee accounts I wonder?

Anyway it reinforces the point that investors should always check that they have actually received the dividends they are due. ShareScope has a very useful facility in that regard where the dividends are clearly recorded against your portfolio and it’s also easy to check ex-dividend and payment dates.

If anyone else has had problems with dividends on the above company, perhaps they could contact me.

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  1. Explanation from one ISA provider is that the cheque from the registrar to them was lost in the post and is having to be cancelled/reissued. But would anyone have known if I had not identified the mistake and complained? Is it not surprising that they are still using cheques for this purpose anyway?

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