A Great Article from Matt Ridley on Global Warming

Matt Ridley has issued a great blog article on “How Global Warming Can Be Good For Us”. The author of many books on science which are all worth reading, he argues in his latest article that global warming is real, but so far it is mostly beneficial. The biggest benefit from emissions is global greening as forests expand and more rainfall means more land can be cultivated. But there are several other advantages which are ignored by the prophets of doom and popular media who prefer to report only bad news.

For a more balanced view of the problem, read the article here: https://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/how-global-warming-can-be-good/

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One thought on “A Great Article from Matt Ridley on Global Warming”

  1. Is Matt Ridley really someone who is unbiased in his views on climate change? Dig a little deeper, literally, and you’ll find he has coal reserves on his landed estate. As an adviser to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, he is clearly not impartial. And neither are you. As I have mentioned before, I wish you would stick to your knitting, but alas you wish to pontificate on all and sundry & therefore I shall be unsubscribing to future blogs from you. Pity, as I enjoyed reading your investment blogs.

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