Platform Improvements at Interactive Investor – Aren’t They Annoying!

Is it not very annoying when a software platform redesigns the user interface and screws it up! That is what has just been done by Interactive Investor (II).

They not only expect us to learn our way around a new system, for no obvious benefit to us the users, but have missed out on some important functionality. For example, the “voting mailbox” accessible from the Portfolio screen does not work. In addition when transactions are completed not all the information on costs is reported which I need to enter into my portfolio system.

More clicks are required to move around the site, for no purpose. There are probably other defects I have not even mentioned.

This is an abortion in essence and I think they should revert to the previous software version as clearly this one has not been adequately tested.

Roger Lawson (Twitter: )

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One thought on “Platform Improvements at Interactive Investor – Aren’t They Annoying!”

  1. Could not agree more. Particularly annoying as they interviewed me about their proposed changes and I told them not to do it. Change for changes sake, designed by people who know nothing about investing.

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