Demonstrations and Breaches of the Peace

The police have suggested that they cannot act against people who organise demonstrations against Israel or Hamas and which might include “chanting” of slogans.

This is surely nonsense because you can be arrested for “behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace”. See

The police undoubtedly have powers to halt demonstrations that may turn violent or which incentivise people to disturb the peace. So why are they reluctant to use them?

This is yet another example of the police being feeble and reluctant to take action when confronted by people willing to cause disruption for the sake of publicity.

Roger Lawson (Twitter  )

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2 thoughts on “Demonstrations and Breaches of the Peace”

  1. But two men who were displaying a Cross of St George flag at the same demonstration were threatened with arrest if they did not leave.

    It seems that “one law for them, one for the rest of us” applies.

    All very disturbing because this policy is leading to a growing lack of respect and confidence in our police force

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