CTY + JGGI AGMs and Market Trends

Yesterday saw a big improvement in my stock market portfolio valuation (up over 2% on the day). That makes a change from recent trends. Even some of the property REITs I hold picked up despite bank rate being unchanged.

In the last year I have been buying shares in BP and Shell on the basis that oil and gas will still be required for many years to come. This proved to be a big mistake on Tuesday when the share price of BP dropped by over 4% on results that were way worse than forecast. Shell did rather better later in the week but is it not very disappointing that analysts are unable to accurately forecast so much as a quarter ahead for such large and well researched companies? I am still in profit on my BP holdings but I will clearly have to review them.  

I attended the AGMs of City of London Investment Trust (CTY) and JPMorgan Global Growth and Income Trust (JGGI) this week. These were both “hybrid” meetings so I attended on-line. I’ll only cover them briefly as there were no surprises. CTY achieved a total return of 4.6% last year which slightly underperformed their benchmark. But they now have a 57 year record of dividend increases. I have held the shares since 2011 with limited trading in the meantime. Overall return has been 10.9% per annum which I consider satisfactory for a share I don’t need to constantly monitor and an on-going charge of only 0.37%. However stock selection last year had a negative impact.

They hold BP and Shell but sold BHP last year and bought Glencore instead. Long standing manager Job Curtis does not yet see a turning point in property.

The JGGI AGM was held in Edinburgh (they plan to alternate location) after the merger with Scottish Investment Trust. This was said to be “a transformational year” as the size of the trust has tripled due to the mergers and strong investment performance. They achieved a total return of 19.1% last year. Their aim is for long-term capital growth combined with a yield of 4%.

Their biggest holdings are companies like Amazon, United Health, Microsoft, CME, Coca-Cola, TSMC, Vinci, Uber and Mastercard and they have been buying Nvidia.

Questions were raised about them paying dividends out of capital, i.e. uncovered by earnings. But I see no problem with that as most of the profits arise from capital growth. But there were negative comments though from the lack of a resolution to clearly approve the dividend policy. I think they should improve that resolution next year.

Both the CTY and JGGI AGMs were useful events in terms of understanding the investment strategies and I am happy to continue holding the shares.

Lastly a postscript on the conviction of Sam Bankman-Fried (see previous blog post). Is it not astonishing that the SEC managed to prosecute and secure this conviction in just a few months when the FCA takes years to secure fraud convictions in the UK? The FTX bankruptcy filing took place in November 2022. There is clearly a much more effective legal framework in the USA to pursue, and hence deter, financial fraud.

What could have been a horribly complex legal case was dealt with quickly and efficiently in the USA.

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